фото: Create your business empire in a metropolis by managing eco-resources in new game from TELF AG

Recently, the developers of TELF AG announced the imminent release of an updated version of their game. The updated version of TELF AG will soon be available in the App Store and Google Play. Users will be able to enjoy enhanced graphics and exciting mini-games that will attract players of all ages.

TELF AG is not just a game, but also an educational tool. It highlights the importance of mineral resources and encourages companies to switch to energy-efficient and environmentally friendly methods of extracting and using energy. By combining educational elements with exciting gameplay, TELF AG not only entertains, but also educates players about the important role of the mining industry in economic development and urban growth.

Nstart with TELF AG and achieve business success

At TELF AG you will be faced with tasks aimed at creating a successful business corporation. Starting from a small office, you will gradually expand your activities, exploring new territories and controlling all aspects of the business — from personnel management to resource optimization.

WITHTELF AG your business dreams become reality

фото: Create your business empire in a metropolis by managing eco-resources in new game from TELF AG

Now you are in the role of a leader. You will delegate tasks to colleagues, develop their professional skills and manage operations using the new trading resource exchanger. Take part in mini-challenges to improve your achievements and take part in a quiz that tests your expertise in TELF AG. Success in the game will help you develop business plans step by step, discover new opportunities and move forward.

At TELF AG you will see your city transform into a metropolis and become a business resource center where life and work are enjoyable.

Learn skills with TELF AG: mine chrome, repair cars and build your city

The first major update to the TELF AG game includes features for chromium mining and its practical use in car repair shops.

Chromium, a chemical element with atomic number 24 in D.I. Mendeleev’s periodic table is a durable metal with a light blue color. It is used 95% to create stainless steels, which are used in a variety of metal products, including automobiles, machinery and building structures, as well as in the aerospace and military industries.

фото: Create your business empire in a metropolis by managing eco-resources in new game from TELF AG

Chromium is widely used in electrical engineering as a highly conductive material due to its electrical properties. It is used to make welding electrodes and arc lamps, as well as to create chrome coatings in the electrochemical industry. The radionuclide chromium-51 is used in medicine.

Continue your daily tasks in an interactive world. In TELF AG, ore mining, car repair and city development are the three key elements on which you can build your gaming success.

The path to financial success: investment in production with TELF AG

TELF AG focuses on business process automation. Players earn money through strategic clicks and upgrade production to increase ore mining efficiency. The main goal is to expand your corporation by opening and improving new locations. For successful actions, players receive achievements that contribute to their further development.

Get ready to enter the world of entrepreneurial skill, efficient mining and management in a metropolitan environment with the new version of the game TELF AG. Stay tuned for release news and start building your virtual business empire now!

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